Choose the Perfect Rug

Step 01

Start with a plan

Need help determining your rug size? Below are some popular layouts that work for most spaces.


Versatile for smaller spaces, a 5’ round rug can be centered in the room or placed under a single object, like a rocking chair, to create a defined area.

Kids' Room

Tucked under the bed, a 5’ x 8’ works with a twin or double. Shift the rug as needed to ensure at least a foot is showing at the base of the bed.


Use a larger 5’ x 8’ or 8’ x 10’ to create a base for your child’s play space. Have fun arranging furniture around it to maximize their play area.

Shared Space

Our rugs aren’t just for kids! They look great in a living space too. Determine the right size by ensuring all the legs of your sofas or primary furniture are covered.

Step 02

Choose Your Style

Now the fun part! You know the size you need, so it's time to select the design of your rug. Click below to explore all the styles and colors we have available.

Step 03

Care & Clean

You've chosen your beautiful rug, so here are some tips to help preserve it long-term.

Rug Pad

Using a rug pad extends the wear and life of your rug. This adds a layer of cushioning and keeps your rug in place.

Wool and Shedding

Shedding is a normal process with wool rugs. You can expect some shedding with initial use, but it can easily be maintained with light vacuuming.

Sunshine, tufting and lots of TLC.

Learn more about how our 100% wool rugs are made.

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